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  • Private Readings & Sessions  Available by appointment.

  • Virtual & In person sessions $75 & up. 

  • All Past Life Regression sessions require a 20 minute complimentary call to uncover the best choice for you and start at $88

  • Reiki Energetic Balancing & Chakra Alignment. $75 & up

  • Tuning Forks upgrade to any session $25 Paraffin upgrade $25

  • Reflexology Session with Reiki & Paraffin $125

  • Angelic Reiki Sessions $111

  • Relaxation Session with Aromatherapy - Destress & calm the nervous system. $80

  • Intuitive Interpretation & Angel Readings. $85 & up. 

  • Psychic Development classes prices vary.

  • Relaxation & Guided Meditation. $25 and up

  • Hypnosis & Past Life Regression  starting at $97

  • Akashic Records & Soul Realignment $150

  • Soul Realignment looks at a pattern of your behavior and consequences (Karma) across multiple lifetimes. That pattern and karma continues in your current life keeping you from releasing it and staying stuck in some area. AJ spends 1.5 hours behind the scenes channeling information and have an extended hour & a half session with the client to review the information. This investment can transform your life. To review a particular concern, issue, relationship or issue there are choices: Experience a Past Life yourself through Regression or have the information channeled for you!

  • Group Coaching,  Classes, &  Workshops.

  • One on One coaching sessions & packages.

  • Day and Weekend Retreats.

  • Special Events & Fundraising Opportunities

  • Psychic Galleries now available!

  • Tarot or Angel Gallery with Traci with up to 5 guests for 3 hours.

  • Everyone gets a message. $350

  • Past Life Group Regression with AJ for up to 5 guests for 3 hours. Everyone gets a message. $350

Services & Sessions are customized. Keep an eye out for our quarterly events and seasonal specials. Check out our new Inspired Chi Referral Program for more ways to save on sessions!

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