• Spirit Circles - Let us work with you to design the perfect package for you & your guests. Host/Hostess FREE with parties of 4 or more.  Virtual only through 2021.  

        (We recommend booking 6-12 weeks ahead to ensure availability)

  • Private Sessions - Individual sessions are available by appointment. We recommend booking ahead at least a 2 to 4 weeks to guarantee a time slot for you.  Virtual Readings are available. 

  • Reiki Energetic Balancing & Chakra Alignment.

  • Intuitive Interpretation & Angel Readings. 

  • Psychic Development classes.

  • Relaxation & Guided Meditation. 

  • Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Experiences. 

  • Akashic Records & Soul Realignment.

  • Group Coaching,  Classes, &  Workshops.

  • One on One coaching sessions & packages.

  • Day and Weekend Retreats.

  • Special Events & Fundraising Opportunities

Services & Sessions are customized. If you do not see what you are looking for, don't assume it can't be done. We collaborate with a close circle of very talented Spiritualists. Each of these professionals has a Specialty Calling & may have the channel that you are searching for.