Posted on 10/30/2017 in Life Journeys

Finding Your Tribe & Raising Your Vibe

* by Traci Sanginiti  

My name is Traci and I am a Spirit Coach, but most of all I am a seeker. I was always searching for the “right” path and tried on many hats along the way. I did a lot of reading, learning, divining, thinking & only sharing my gifts with people that I knew wouldn’t judge me for it. I cared too much about what other people thought.  

Then, I finally found my tribe! Agnes Jonczak of Inspired Living Solutions is a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, & Past Life Regressionist. She is also my Mentor & Soul Sister. Through Agnes I met her son Nick. Nick Jonczak is a very gifted Tarot reader and the founder of River & Root. At the time, Nick was living in Washington DC & I couldn’t wait to meet him when he came home to visit for Thanksgiving. For nearly 2 years, Agnes had spoken of Nick and just how much he & I had in common. I had been reading Runes & Tarot since the age of 13 but had yet to meet anyone else who also read. We got together that Black Friday and exchanged readings. Thus a tribe was born & we began a tradition that we lovingly coined Black Magic Friday.   

This November will be 8 years that we have honored this tradition and each other.  Black Magic is more of an inside joke because our magic is quite the opposite. Each year we have different guests that we bring. Some have been on a part of their path that they may have needed some guidance, some have known that something resides within them that needs to be developed, some were friends & some were lovers. We choose this time of year to be thankful for each other and thankful for our gifts. We take this time to show each other the different tools, methods, and teachings that we have studied or created throughout the year. 

I continued my studies and became a Reiki Master, introduced Angel cards into my readings, and started Spirit Coaching through Your True Chi. Last year I became a Non-Denominational Minister & this year I am working on my Reiki Teaching Certification. I am driven by the divine mission of leading you to your true path, whatever that may be for you. Our tribe raises our vibe and we knew it was time to share this with others. We knew our Karmic collaboration was long overdue. 

This October, we combined forces to create our first Mindfulness Workshop for Busy Women. McCarthy Real Estate in Bucks County PA generously donated their space so that we could hold this workshop to raise the vibe, raise awareness, and also to raise donations for The Healing Consciousness Foundation. This amazing foundation has been bringing the much needed attention to how important it is to treat the spirit as well and the mind & body for women who are going through or have gone through breast cancer. They have been using Holistic treatments such as Reiki, Art & Music Therapy, Yoga and more to fight the battle of breast cancer. They are always looking for volunteers and we will be doing a lot more with them in the future, true Lightworkers. 

The energy of the planet is shifting. I know that you can feel it. The recent Eclipse, Equinox, monthly Lunar Cycles getting more powerful & Synchronicities all around.  You are not the only one experiencing this. For those of you who have been hiding your craft & quietly sharing your gifts with only close friends – it is time to step into the light, the world needs you. It is our duty as Lightworkers to train the silently, secretly, gifted souls to come forward.


                                                    Remember who you are, remember your gifts. The time is now. 

Keeping with raising the vibe, we are so excited to be participating in this year’s Awaken Healing Expo! I will be holding a brief lecture about getting the most out of your readings and how to use this information to align with your true energy. I will also be on Saturday’s schedule to divine Tarot & Angel cards to help connect you with your Angels and Spirit Guides.  Agnes will be doing a 45 minute group session blending hypnotherapy with past life regression on Saturday also. If you want to know why she is wearing a Viking Helmet (below) – you will just have to sign up to find out! We can’t wait to meet you, please come and say hello or stop by for a session or a chat.  We are always in search of like-minded others to enhance our tribe. Let’s vibrate higher together.